Covid 19 Travel Rules

Covid-19 Travel Rules of Bangladesh 2021

Entry requirements, travel restrictions, quarantine rules for international passengers, Covid-19 travel rules, and other updates for Bangladesh. Being a densely populated country, it has been tough managing the Covid-19 Pandemic. Despite one of the most densely populated countries globally, Bangladesh has taken care of this pandemic quite well. As of June 27th, 2021, the number of death is officially reported under 14053.

It was a bit tough when the initial lockdown started, but life was adapting. It became quite normal after some time. But for the recent outbreak of the 3rd wave of COVID, some measures have been taken to manage this outbreak. The authority couldn’t help making some restrictions stricter. This article will help you find the latest Covid-19 travel rules, other updates, and situations in Bangladesh.

Lockdown in Bangladesh

A countrywide lockdown has been placed. The government of Bangladesh has decided to enforce a nationwide all-out lockdown from July 1 while a lockdown on a ‘limited scale’ will remain in effect from June 28, as the situation is getting worse, the lockdown might be extended, depending on the [Covid-19] situation.

All public transports including roads, waterways, railway, all domestic and international flights will remain suspended in this lockdown. This rule will not be applicable for emergency services, goods-laden vehicles and production systems. No one is allowed to leave their residents during this lockdown unless it’s an emergency(daily essentials, medicines, treatment, burial or cremation etc.)

Restaurants can only provide the service of taking away foods. Dining in the restaurant isn’t allowed. All shops including Shopping Malls will remain closed during this period. All restaurants and shops can only be opened from 8 am to 8 pm.

Authorities will take legal actions if any of these directives are violated. All international flights are suspended during this period.

Can I travel to Bangladesh now?

Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority issued a notice on March 31, 2021, saying passengers from every country in Europe except UK, Argentina, Bahrain, Chile, Uruguay, Kuwait, Peru, Jordan, South Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar can enter Bangladesh during the lockdown period. Only the transit passengers from these countries can enter Bangladesh during this period.

The passengers that have advance Visa or is a Bangladeshi Citizen can travel right now. Only Advance Business Visa is only being issued by Bangladesh. Advance Tourist Visa or other on arrival visa is postponed in this lockdown.

Please Check: Travel advice for international travelers

Entry Requirements in Bangladesh during this pandemic

PRC-based Covid-19 Negative certificate is mandatory for all travelers during departure from their country and on arrival at the airport of Bangladesh. The PCR test of Covid-19 must be taken within 72 hours of departure.

We are open

We know it’s a tough time going on, that’s why we are taking extra steps to make your journey safer. Despite the pandemic, we are continuing to make your journey fun as well as safe. After May 5, 2021, we can arrange a tour for you anytime if you’re currently in Bangladesh or you have a valid PCR test saying you’re Covid-19 Negative.

Among those extra steps, one of the steps is that we are limiting passengers in each group. Everyone will be provided with safety equipment, and always will be pushed to maintain social distancing among themselves. One group will only have 5 people. No exceptions can be made. If needed, two groups will be created.

Check out our package schedules to know more.

The Quarantine Rules for Non-Bangladeshi Passengers

Quarantine rules for passengers without Covid-19 Symptoms
Even if no symptoms of Covid-19 is found on arrival health check, the passengers must complete 14 days of Home quarantine.

Quarantine rules for passengers with Covid-19 Symptoms
If any symptoms of Covid-19 is found on arrival health checkup, 14 days of quarantine in Government facilities is mandatory with their own expenses.

Quarantine rules for transit passengers from the allowed countries
If the passengers are out of the restricted countries mentioned above, they must have a Covid-19 Negative PRC certificate before the departure from their countries as they will not be valid after the arrival. New tests will be taken then.

Four-day mandatory quarantine in government facilities or government-approved hotels must be attended after the arrival. After completion of the quarantine, PRC tests will be carried out, and if tested negative, 10 more days of home quarantine will be mandatory.

Travel Restrictions in Bangladesh during Covid-19 Pandemic
Due to the increase of Covid-19, the Government of Bangladesh has restricted all traveling in Bangladesh, and these restrictions are effective immediately till May 5, 2021.

For more details:

The highlights are as followed:

  • Restrictions the outside of residents

No one can go outside of their residents after 10 pm unless it’s an emergency. If found wandering around for no specific reason, necessary steps will be taken against him.

  • Restrictions on Public Transports

All public transportations including roads, waterways, airways(international or domestic flights) will be restricted during the lockdown. Only transports that provide emergency services are allowed.

After the pandemic, only 50% of passengers of total seats can go into the vehicles.
The transport fare will be increased to 60% of the regular fare.

  • Restrictions on Hotels and Restaurants

Restaurants are restricted to provide dine-in services during this lockdown. Only take-outs are allowed. After the pandemic, only 50% customers of regular customers will be allowed to dine in. The hotels can accommodate 50% of customers of their normal capacity.

For more details: Covid 19 notification from the Prime Minister’s Office

Note: This article is regularly updated based on the Covid-19 travel rules.

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