Family Adventure Holiday

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  • Start: Dhaka
  • Destination: Rangpur, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Sreemangal
  • Duration: 10 Days and 9 Nights
  • Attractions: Local culture, Rural life, Archaeology, Wildlife, Landscape
  • Availability: Everyday except Saturday, Monday and Wednesday
  • Best Time: October to March
  • Transport: Train, Car, Tuk-tuk (CNG), Rickshaw, Country Boat, 4×4 Car, Flight
  • Activity: Trailing and Trekking
  • Guide Language: English
  • End: Dhaka

Price: From $950 USD (৳76,000 BDT) per person BOOK NOW

Bangladesh is a great destination for adventurous travelers. This arrival to departure holiday package specially designed for family adventurous travelers those who are keenly interested in exploring the extremely rural area along with their tradition, culture and daily life activities. There are many ways to know a country with its indigenous custom, land and livelihood. Particularly north Bengal region of Bangladesh is one of the poorest parts of Bangladesh; here you can notice some visible effects of poverty: malnutrition, ill health, poor housing conditions, illiteracy, and the effects of natural disaster - mainly flood and drought. Spending couple of days in this area and interacting with local people will surely refresh your views and mind about Bangladesh.

On the other hand Sreemangal is another fabulous location for exploratory travelers. It is located Northeast region of Bangladesh and is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in our country. There are 47 tea gardens in Sreemangal therefore it is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh. It’s a green vegetation area where birds are always chirping. A large portion of world’s highest quality tea is grown here. It is also called the city of ‘two leaves and a bud. Nature has adorned Sreemangal with green tress and it soothes one’s eyes. Here you can discover Tea garden, Rubber garden, Pineapple garden, Lemon garden, Tribal village (Khasi and Manipuri tribe), Wildlife including endangered western Hoolock Gibbons, Barking Deer, Python, Spit Viper, Loris, King Cobra, Pig-tailed Macaque, Phayre's leaf monkey (Chosma Pora Hanuman), Capped langur monkey, Fishing cat, Wildcat and many types of Spider and Butterfly. Also you will trek through forest and hills to discover Ham Ham Waterfall.

    Explore rural life activities and livelihood of villagers
    Visit some agricultural farms; see how they produce food and other crops
    Visit some elementary schools for disadvantage children’s
    Visit some Chars (sandbank islands that isolated from mainland created from river sedimentation)
    Visit some village market (Bazaar)
    Boat rides on Brahmaputra river
    Enjoy a Lunch with host family in the village
    Visit an Enclave and Indian Boarder
    Visit very first mosque built in Bangladesh
    Visit a legendary pond dug in ancient time
    Visit most beautiful terracotta Kantajew Temple
    Visit most stunning Tajhat Landlord Palace
    Visit Tea Capital of Bangladesh
    Taste seven layers tea
    Visit tribal village
    Trekking at Rajkandi reserve forest and explore Ham Ham waterfall.
    Wildlife and scenic trekking through Lawachara national park
    Train journey and see the Scenic view in the countryside.
    Enjoy a unique experience beyond your expectation.
2 Pax $1,350 USD (৳108,000 BDT) per person
3 Pax $1,250 USD (৳100,000 BDT) per person
4 Pax $1,150 USD (৳92,000 BDT) per person
5 Pax $950 USD (৳76,000 BDT) per person

Students, Tourists on a budget, Backpackers and Groups – please ask for me for a price!

Day One (Arrival, Roaming Around Nearby)

A guide will welcome you and pick you up from inside the airport with a sign that has your name to receive you and transfer you to your hotel.
Roam around nearby with our guide and if you need to buy anything get that stuff.
Overnight at Dhaka (Richmond Hotel & Suites / Holiday Xpress)

Day Two (Dhaka-Rangpur, Roaming around in Downtown)

Pick up from your Hotel at 09:00 AM! Drive to the Airport Railway Station, board to the train (Rangpur Express) and start you journey at 09:32 AM.
On the way you will see vast vegetation beauty in the countryside, different types of harvest fields, a lot of mango orchards, litchi orchards and other orchards as well and you will see 6th longest bridge in South Asia (Bangabandhu Bridge) which is 4.63 km long, and you will notice many local people and their daily life activities.
Arrive at Rangpur railway station around 07:00 PM, transfer you to your hotel, upon arrival, check-in, freshen up, and take your dinner. Roam around nearby in downtown.
Overnight at Rangpur (Hotel North View or CASPIA the Home)

Day Three (Explore Extremely Rural Life on the Bank of Brahmaputra River)

Kurigram is the place which is defined more by its rivers than its land so boat journeys here reveal a shifting landscape of sandbars and river channels. This is a fascinating exploration to experience the stunning natural scenery and extremely rural villages.
We take wooden motorized boat from Chilmari to visit some Chars (sandbank islands that isolated from mainland created from river sedimentation) and isolated area in Kurigram district along the Brahmaputra river very close to the Indian border and see how the river erosion, floods and other natural disaster affects local people's life.
Overnight at Kurigram

Day Four (Taste Local Hospitality and Meet Some Great People)

Our expedition continues to discover some archaeological sites including Chandamari mosque (built in 16th century), Rajarhat Shahi Mosque (built in 18th century), Nidariya mosque (built in AH 1176, 1755 AD), Harano Masjid (Lost Mosque) built in 69 Hijri of Arabic calendar (690 AD) during the presidency of "Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan", who was the 5th caliph of Umayyad Caliphate. Many historians and Islamic scholars believe this mosque is the first mosque built in Bangladesh and one of the oldest mosques in South Asia. During the excavation archaeologists found one floral motif that clearly mentioned this mosque was built in AH 69. Many Islamic Scholars says this mosque could have built by Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas (R), who was the seventeenth person to embrace Islam when he accepted Islam at only seventeen years old.
Enjoy Lunch with a local host family in the village. Spend sometimes with them and observe their daily life very closely.
Visit Sindurmoti Dighi (A legendary pond dug in ancient time)
Visit at least one local Bazaar in the evening (village market) and drive to Lalmonirhat
Overnight at Lalmonirhat

Day Five (Visit an Enclave and Indian Boarder)

Drive to Fulbari for an hour and explore Enclave people’s life style
Visit a river island to discover poor villagers’ day life activities and their culture and tradition.
Lunch in a local restaurant (taste authentic Bangladeshi traditional local dishes)
Visit some agricultural farms; see how they produce food and other crops
Visit a village school and meet with students and teacher. Have a look their teaching style and interact with the students. Drive to Rangpur.
Overnight at Rangpur (Hotel North View or CASPIA the Home)

Day Six (Tajhat Place, Kantajew Temple)

Visit Tajhat Palace (Tajhat Rajbari), this is a historic place and one of the finest Rajbaris in Bangladesh situated built in the 19th century by the feudal landlord Manna Lal Ray and located in the northern part of our country. Manna Lal Ray was a jeweler who was forced to emigrate from Punjab. Local peoples believe there is ample treasure hidden in the palace walls. Now the palace is Rangpur Museum, where you can see terracotta artifacts, Sanskrit and Arabic manuscripts, black basalt stone carvings that depict the story of Hinduism.
Visit Kantajew Temple, the most beautiful and stunning terracotta Hindu temple in Bangladesh. It gained distinction as an outstanding monument in Bangladesh for its fabulous terracotta embellishment. The Maharaja Pran Nath of Dinajpur began its construction around 1722. This temple is called Nava-Ratna or (nine-spired) Hindu temple, but unfortunately all nine spires were destroyed by a devastating earthquake in 1897. Every inch of the temple is decorated with beautiful plaques describing the epic story of Hinduism.
Drive to Saidpur Airport to catch the flight for Dhaka around 4:30 pm.
We arrive in Dhaka near 5:30 PM; transfer you to your hotel
Overnight at Dhaka (Richmond Hotel & Suites / Holiday Xpress)

Day Seven (Dhaka-Sreemangal, Tea Estates, Tribal Village and 7 Layers Tea)

Pick up from your Hotel at 06:30 AM. Drive to Airport Railway Station, board to the train and start you journey at 07:03 AM.
Arrive at Sreemangal around 12:00 PM and you will transfer to your hotel immediately. After check in, freshen up and have your lunch at cottage dine in.
Take some rest and get ready to adventure to the tea garden (Cha Bagan) Lemon and Pineapple orchards, Rubber garden, Tribal village (Adibasi Gram) and if time permits you could have a look nearby.
In the evening you will taste the most popular 7 Layers tea at Nilkantha Tea Cabin, dinner either at your cottage dine in or downtown in a local restaurant to taste something special.
Overnight at Sreemangal (Nishorgo Eco-Resort)

Day Eight (Trekking to Explore Ham Ham Waterfall)

Get ready early in the morning and start driving to Rajkandi Reserve Forest by a Four-wheel drive car (Chander Gaari) as it is a broken and muddy road. After reaching at Kalabanpara village leave the car and start strenuous trekking through the Rajkandi reserve forest to explore Ham Ham Waterfall. After around three hours trekking you will get Ham Ham Waterfall and you have to trek up and down over many hills.
After arriving there you will take your time for an hour to enjoy waterfall then have lunch. After lunch start back to the starting point though the streams if the water level is not higher than as usual if so then will return on the same way we came before.
Upon arrival freshen up and have dinner.
Overnight at Sreemangal (Nishorgo Eco-Resort)

Day Nine (Wildlife and Scenic Hiking through Lawachara National Park)

After breakfast head to Lawachara National Park. If you are quite lucky enough then we will see some rare wildlife specially endangered western Hoolock Gibbons, Barking Deer, Python, Spit Viper, Loris, King Cobra, Pig-tailed Maxaque, Phayre’s leaf Monkey, Crapped leaf Monkey, many types of Spider and Butterfly. Also visit another tribal village on the edge of Lawachara national park.
Back to your hotel freshen up, have lunch and take some rest. Late check out and get ready to depart towards Dhaka by train at 05:14 PM.
Arrive in Dhaka around 08:00 PM, transfer to your hotel. Overnight at Dhaka (Richmond Hotel & Suites / Holiday Xpress)

Day Ten (Departure and Goodbye)

Pick you up from your hotel, transfer you to the airport according to your flight schedule and say goodbye.
Family Adventure Holiday Tour.

Air conditioned vehicles with driver
Professional English Speaking Guide
All entrance tickets
All necessary permission fees
09 nights’ accommodation on twin sharing basis.
All transportation (Train, Car, Tuk-tuk, 4×4 Car, Rickshaw, Country Boat, Flight)
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
All boat rides!
Flight back to Dhaka
All tips except our guide and drivers

Personal items

This tour is possible to start every day except Sunday throughout the year.
This tour is possible to start every day except Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.
Regarding train ticket, we must try to get AC 1st class seats if not available then 2nd class, the difference between 1st class and 2nd class is AC (air-conditioning only in 1st class)
Train can be delayed sometime as it is common in Bangladesh.
Our guide will be with you always except while you are staying in the hotel
There is no luxurious hotel in Kurigram & Lalmonirhat, what we have chosen for you is the best available hotel in this area (basic facilities only!)
To enter the mosque please wear long, shorts are not allowed by authority to enter the mosque, women should wear scarf to cover their head while entering mosque
For single supplement additional $150 USD (৳11,500 BDT) required.
Since local people don’t see many foreign tourists they might be a bit curious but are very friendly and cooperative peoples. Please be polite to the local people.
Please be respectful of Bangladeshi culture and tradition because you may encounter situations different from your own tradition and culture.
Be prepared to face some traffic congestion on the highway.
The itinerary is flexible and can be changed according to your reasonable request.
We require full payment in advance while you are booking the tour, you can see our Online Payment system in here….


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