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Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Isabela on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Very Attentive Guide Obaidul and Lovely 1 Day Trip
Date of the Tour: 12/03/2018
Tour Name: Old Dhaka Tour
Your Guide on that Tour : Obaidul

Reality on the ground is different than what the cold of terrorism over countries. I had a lovely one day trip to old town in Dhaka where I felt as normal as a tourist can be. Of course the color of my skin sets me apart from locals and they stare (as usual in Asia). However, there is no insecure feeling because a bomb might explode at any moment. There are thousands of people everywhere. It's very colorful and busy. Noise from car/buses' horns and rickshaws bells competing for a space in the streets is a constant in Dhaka. Unfortunately, international tourism has decreased considerably in the last year after terrorist attacks that targeted a shopping centre. It is a shame more people are not traveling to the country and getting to know the rich stories of the local population. Luckily I went to Bangladesh for work and managed to get 1 day off. This one day trip was an excellent way to experience a bit of the local culture. It had a little bit of everything and not too much of anything. I certainly recommend.

Thanks for your great review!

by Neil S on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Riding Rickshaws and Meeting Elephants in Dhaka
Date of the Tour: 15/02/2019
Tour Name: Old Dhaka Tour
Your Guide on that Tour : OBAIDUL

I decided to take one day in Dhaka in transit from Bhutan to Thailand - my first time in Bangladesh - and booked a city tour with Bangladesh Scenic Tours. My guide and driver were great - both friendly, informative and English-speaking - and my guide helped me solve the one problem encountered. Despite travelling for over 50 years, just as we were about to drive out of the airport car park I realized that I had left my camera (with 10 days of Bhutan pictures on it!) in the seat pocket of my aircraft from Paro, but between us we managed to retrieve it from Bhutan Airlines before the aircraft took off again for Paro. The day tour was most enjoyable, particularly riding rickshaws between the main old city attractions, a boat ride on the river, and meeting an elephant (NB: not a regular occurrence!) that shook my hand with its trunk.

From my one-day experience I would say don’t be put off by any security fears - I felt perfectly safe and, indeed, I was surprised at how the men engage you with their eyes and when you smile you get a big smile (and even a high five) in return. Bangladesh is a 90% Muslim country, so the women are less forthcoming - but also smiles and say Hi when able to. 🙂

BTW: Bangladesh has some great attractions outside of Dhaka so if you are going for more than just one day take a look at the longer tours by Bangladesh Scenic Tours.

I am happy to hear that you've enjoyed your trip indeed, Our ultimate goal is make you happy & give you best service of Bangladesh.

by Emma on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
The Best Tours I've Ever Done
Date of the Tour: 17/06/2018
Tour Name: Old Dhaka & Old Capital Tour
Your Guide on that Tour : OBAIDUL

I did the Old Dhaka tour and the Sonargaon Old Capital tour and honestly they were the best tours I’ve ever done. As a woman in her twenties travelling alone, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Bangladesh but it is the friendliest and most welcoming place I’ve ever been. I had Obaidul as a guide for both tours and he was amazing- very knowledgeable about every site and just fun to be with (and he speaks excellent English!). He was very conscious of any needs I might have and very helpful and accommodating. All of the sites were fantastic but some of the best bits were just being in Dhaka, experiencing the atmosphere. Bangladesh Scenic tours are a fantastic way to make sure you don’t miss any of the key sites in Bangladesh, there’s so much listed on the itinerary but we did them all and were still able to spend a good amount of time at each one. I really enjoyed the boat rides I got to do too, that’s an experience I’ll never forget.

It’s important to note that I never felt unsafe during my time in Bangladesh. A lot of people wanted to talk to me and they were always very friendly, and I didn’t experience or witness anything that made me feel at all unsafe. I always felt very safe walking around, both alone when not on a tour or with Obaidul. I would absolutely recommend visiting Bangladesh, the experiences I had made it into one of the best trips I have ever had, and the tours were a huge part of that. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bangladesh Scenic tours, they made everything really easy so that I could just relax and enjoy the amazing things that Bangladesh has to offer. The drivers on both tours were also brilliant, they were very friendly and funny and also very good at driving in a city that doesn’t make it easy!

Thanks for your great review! We would love to guide you with another magnificent tour. See you soon

by Ju on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Sonargaon tour
Date of the Tour: 22-02-19
Tour Name: Sonargaon Tour
Your Guide on that Tour : Obaidul

Sonargaon is such a charming and beautiful place to be. My favorite part of the tour was the boat-ride to the River Island, wondering around the village, and exploring the Panam city. Our guide Obaidul was very friendly and informative, and he brought so much energy to this tour! My friend and I had a very memorable time. Thank you!!!

Dear Ju, thanks for your review, it's very good to know that you enjoyed my guiding. All of our efforts is to make you happy with the highest quality services. We look forward to seeing you with another great tour in next time. All the best

by Michel on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Great Tour and Fun, Knowledgeable Guide
Date of the Tour: 21-05-2018
Tour Name: Old Dhaka Tour
Your Guide on that Tour : Obaidul

We loved this Old Dhaka tour which was our first in Dhaka. The guide, Obaidul was so accommodating and fun and made the whole experience very enjoyable. He took the best pic of me and my partner that we have had all holiday. We have a plan to comeback next time and visit Sundarbans with Bangladesh Scenic Tours.

Thanks for your great review! Your happiness and satisfaction is our ultimate goal! We can't wait to see you again to explore thrilling Sundarbans for its natural beauty and biodiversity!

by Delciokelson on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
First Time in Dhaka
Date of the Tour: 14/05/2018
Tour Name: Dhaka Photography Tour
Your Guide on that Tour : Obaidul

The 6-hour walk was a wonderful way to experience this busiest city, we took in so many places, the best that I enjoyed were the vegetable market (Kawran bazar), and the railway station, a moving and outstanding remembrance. The day's walking was no problem; there were times to sit at lunch and enjoy Biriyani. Before booking the tour I was bit confused should I go with Bangladesh Scenic Tours as it is a new company? but I couldn't be happier with him, and he is very flexible. Thanks to Obaidul, a most capable and informative guide. I have no hesitation in rating this day as five stars.

Thanks for your magnificent review! As our mission is satisfaction and happiness to our honorable guest so we are doing our level best. Surely always you will get outstanding service from Bangladesh Scenic Tours!

by Carlos Barrico on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Excellent Tour Guide!
Date of the Tour: 10/05/18
Tour Name: Old Dhaka Tour
Your Guide on that Tour : Obaidul

Wow learned so many things about Dhaka and Bangladesh. Obaidul was so full of spunk and energy and just excited to show us all the sites mentioned in the itinerary. Boat ride on a small boat on a chaotic river and rickshaw ride was highlight of the tour. We would certainly recommend him for future tours.

Thanks for recommending Bangladesh Scenic Tours as a new tour company Many clients don't want to belief that we always ensure your happiness, comfortness and of course with the highest quality! we are happy that you enjoyed your tour!

by Francisco Pereira on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Street Photography is Exciting Experience
Date of the Tour: 05-05-2018
Tour Name: Street Photography
Your Guide on that Tour : Obaidul

Doing this tour in the early morning was the best we could do. Obaidul was the perfect guide. He was very flexible and I paid him on arrival before commencing the tour. He had a lot of interesting and funny stuff to tell about everything we visited. It was even for us tourists from Germany very easy to understand him! If you book a tour, ask for Obaidul as your guide!! He made a group picture and sent it to me which was awesome! All the photos what I have taken was very good; if you are a photographer don’t miss street photography with Obaidul.

We appreciate your valuable review. We can't wait to see you next time! wish you all the best!

by Luis Pastor on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Don’t Miss Old Dhaka Tour with Obaidul
Date of the Tour: 10/05/18
Tour Name: Old Dhaka Tour
Your Guide on that Tour : Obaidul

Obaidul is the best tour guide that we met in Dhaka. He made the Old Dhaka tour was very informative and humorous with his own comic style. I appreciated his manner and behavior. He maintained a good pace for our group even in busy areas. In addition to good historical information, Obaidul offered recommendations for restaurants which was very delicious, some others attractions which is not included in the itinerary. He took a group photo an emailed it to us. My group all enjoyed Bangladesh Scenic Tours. We agreed that this was a 5+ Star tour!

I am glad to know that you have enjoyed the tour. Thanks for your wonderful review!

by Peter on Bangladesh Scenic Tours
Overwhelming Dhaka
Date of the Tour: May 2018
Tour Name: Old Dhaka
Your Guide on that Tour : Mr.Obaildul Haque

In may 2018 i visited Bangladesh for only 5 days.

Because my time was limited i wanted to see many things in a short period of time.

The second day of my journey mr. Obaidul Haque was my guide with the Old Dhaka tour.

The tour was very divers, that day we visited many religious buildings, we made a rickshaw ride through te overcrowded streets, visited Lalbagh Fort and made a great boattrip on the Buriganga river, what an amazing trip it was.

Mr. Obaidul Haque knows a lot about the history of Dhaka (Bangladesh) and their different religions.

He is a guide with humor and respect for his customers, i surely would reccomend him if you are planning a trip to this amazing country.

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