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Mr. Erik & Ms. Carol
Michigan, USA

The best!!!

Speaking as the travel editor for a major international media group for over half a decade, I have to say that Muhammad ranks among the very best of all the hundreds of tour guides I’ve encountered. He truly customized our trip, which we especially needed since we visited Bangladesh with an 8-year-old and her fairly naughty 4-year-old brother, both of whom also came to love Muhammad. He made it one of the best trips out of around 30 countries I’ve visited. He went above and beyond in every way! I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Ms. Cassandra

Fantastic and budget friendly tour!

I joined a group of tourists (2 Americans,1 Austrian, 1 Puerto Rican) on a impromptu basis, for 8 days. As i wanted to cut into the tour and leave on specific dates due to a lack of Work leave days, Obaidul was very helpful and accommodative in planning and arranging transport, stays etc. that would make a travel possible within my desired travel dates. He was very patient with my queries, even though some may come off a bit rude (Example, City girl asking if their local planes are safe or prone to crashes) but were my genuine concerns given some feedback from Bangladeshis i met in my country. Not only was he helpful, he tried his utmost best to put my worries about travelling alone and meeting them in the middle of the tour in Bangladesh alone.

Throughout the entire trip, Obaidul was obliging to our requests, clear and engaging for the duration of the tour. He also allowed us a rare glimpse of the Bangladeshi hospitality, when I needed an urgent toilet break in the midst of the trip in a rural area. We visited a local’s house and the hospitality in Bangladesh was amazing. They may not have much to give but they were eager to provide snacks and drinks and ask us to stay and enjoy the time of the day with them.

Mr. Andrey Gavrikov
Moscow, Russia

It was a fantastic 6 days in Bangladesh!

I walked around just a great guide Obaidul and he shows Bangladesh the way it is. For 3 days, we saw the main archaeological sites in Rajshahi, Bogra and the surrounding area, then there was a two-day dive in Dhaka – we visited the main markets, unusual areas, looked at the main attractions, visited restaurants for local people, where everything is very inexpensive, but incredibly tasty. And one more day we explored the dock in Chittagong, where huge ships are being dismantled. Any request has been granted. In addition to the planned program, we went to local schools, factories, private homes – this is real life and it is very cool! A professional driver Liton was with us all the time. In Bangladesh, it is very important to travel with real professionals, because traffic is very active 🙂 On-site hotels selected the best, but for the right price. I am very grateful to Obaidul and his team for these fantastic 6 days in Bangladesh! Definitely recommend it!

Mr. Bob Francescone
Florida, USA

Superb tour in Bangladesh with Bangladesh Scenic Tours

Obaidul is a delightful travel companion, affable, funny, full of energy, and just great company. I consider him a friend, someone to spend share life with.
Bangladesh is a revelation. The country is beautiful, the rich tradition compelling, the food delicious. Best is the true sweetness and kindness of its people. We were welcomed warmly with smiles that started deep in those dark eyes, genuine and curious. Tourists are a rarity. People spoke with us wherever we went, asked where we were from and wanted photos. “Selfie” is now a universal ice-breaker.
Go to Bangladesh, but go with Obaidul and Bangladesh Scenic Tours.

Mr. Dennis Bowman
Florida, USA

An amazing and wonderful 18 day tour

 We knew we hit the jackpot when Obaidul met us at the airport. A major airline debacle found us in a panic in our Yangon to Dhaka connection. Obaidul came through with flying colors meeting us at “0 dark hundred” in the morning. We knew we were in the best hands ever for our extensive journey through Bangladesh.

Besides being thoroughly knowledgeable about the sights on our itinerary, his drivers are professional when dealing with the city and countryside traffic (an experience you’ll never forget) and he made us feel totally safe everywhere.


Mr. Luis Alberto
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best of Bangladesh

I want to praise Obaidul because he was an excellent tour guide. Probably the best in Bangladesh. He is funny, respectful, wise, full of information and knowledge about his country, and always has a smile on his face. He is able to solve almost any problem or situation. He’s always doing his best to fulfill any request of his clients, and really making them feel appreciated and welcomed.

Michael Zinreich

Obaidul was a great tour guide. Very friendly and entertaining. His English is very excellent and good to understand. (I’m not English native myself). Also he is very knowledgeable about the visited places and the nature in particular. I would definitely do another tour with him! Thanks again for this great day, Obaidul!

Hans Samuelson
Barcelona (Spain)

Understand Bangladesh

When looking for a guide in Dhaka I was not only looking for some with knowledge being professional but also have the right enthusiasm. This way I got in touch with Obaidul and I was not disappointed. Take a one day tour in Dhaka I have seen the most important landmark however more important I have met the people of Bangladesh, I have a much better understanding how the people are thinking and I now know a lot about the history and present Bangladesh. Obaidul is not only a knowledgeable person he is also genuinely interested in his country, he is proud of being a Bangladeshi, understand how much Bangladesh has to offer its visitors and is enthusiastically promoting this to his guests. That’s why I can highly recommend Obaidul for any traveller to Bangladesh and I have started to plan for my next visit to see other parts of the country with Obaidul as my guide.

Oliver Kruiser

We have used Obaidul’s tours before and will continue to do so, simply because he is incredible! He is always warm, well educated, kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable about all things of Bangladesh. We surely come back soon to exploring entire Bangladesh!

Hyun Ju
Vancouver (Canada)

Memorable trip to Sonargaon

Obaidul´s tours was great, he picked up us from airport and then did a tour Old Capital for whole day throughout the city, we went to visit all the sites recommended by TripAdvisor & lonely planet boat and rickshaw rides were so much fun. Obaidul was amazing he knew everything we would ask him, I would highly recommend Obaidul´s tours.

London (UK)
Charistine Kelly

I would highly recommend booking Obaidul’s tour if you are looking to have the best experience in Dhaka! I was only in Dhaka for a short amount of time and he showed us everything. We had a driver who made everything so easy! Must use them for tour guide in Dhaka!


I use guides in every new city I travel to. I have never had a bad experience. Obaidul, however, is in a class by himself for his knowledge, his passion, his professionalism, the efficiency with which his is able to move guests around and his generosity of spirit. You won’t go wrong if you use Obaidul when you visit Dhaka.

Brussels (Belgium)

I very rarely use guides when I go abroad and I have traveled a great deal. However in Dhaka I wanted to spend a whole day enjoying this chaotic city and getting to know the history and also I did Barisal Backwater Tour which was fabulous. Obaidul arrived on time, texted me, and greeted my friend very professionally. The car was essential as we had lots of great places to go. Obaidul was a star and his English and understanding of Arabic accents incredible!!! We loved spending couple of days with him and hearing the history of the liberation war, Pakistani & British reign. Obaidul told us some great stories and proved how much of an asset he has regarding Comparative Religion; He knows so many facts of all major religions. Awesome guide!


Obaidul was an excellent tour guide who was very flexible with the itinerary. I had already been to a few of the places we had planned to visit so we just changed to suit. He gave enough information without overloading you with too much. I also did the night and tastes of Dhaka tour with Obaidul and that was also excellent. I would recommend doing this tour on arrival in Dhaka as it gives you some insight into where to eat and how to choose one of the many places to eat. Also excellent communication through WhatsApp

David McArdle

An excellent guide destined to become a friend – 5*

Obaidul, first and foremost, is a smart and generous guide, who made my short trip to Dhaka into one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. I feel I could not as feel as much in two days with Obaidul had I been alone in the capital for a month – not only is Obaidul clearly intelligent and knowledgeable, but he is also personable, fun and enjoyable to be around. 

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietname)

Obaidul did an awesome job as an ambassador of Dhaka. He is a very knowledgeable tour guide and a fun person to hang out with. I would recommend Obaidul for all your tour guide needs.

Nyghen Hanoi

Well organized tour, especially when you like to see the highlights, with all the information you need. Also if you have questions about the culture, things you see, very very helpful. We were guided by Obaidul, very good tour guide and the trip was organized by him. Trustful and reliable.

Idham Zuhri

We had a wonderful tour of Old Capital & Old Dhaka. Obaidul, our guide, showed us the best of Sonargaon and best of Old City, visiting River Island was fun. His service was very professional and attentive, and his command of English was proficient. My husband and I were deeply impressed as well as satisfied. 


Obaidul was a fantastic guide. He was constantly making sure we were happy, informed and prepared for the next stage of my trip. I feel very lucky to have had his accompanying on my first visit to Dhaka. A wonderful day trip!

Muhammad Firdaus

Amazing Dhaka

My family and I were delighted with our Guide whose English was fabulous no problem understanding him. The Guide ‘OBAIDUL’ really made our visit to the city, he was interesting, very knowledgeable and amusing I wish now we had booked to have guided tours of all the museums we visited-next time I visit (hopefully next year) I will book Sundarbans tour with him. 


Our guide was magnificent! Obaidul was very knowledgeable and helpful he directed us to an additional site not on the “official” tour and recommended a wonderful lunch venue which was awesome. I would recommend him to everyone.


Where to begin??? He was 110% professional and friendly. We will always think of the Gift of meeting Obaidul when we think of our visit to Dhaka. He is well worth hiring and spending time with. We will hire him when we visit again. Biggest Possible Recommendation!

Laura Muller

We had a great day with our guide Obaidul. He had planned to show us best of Dhaka which was very flexible with some of the things we wanted to see. The Rickshaw ride was a great experience. Also to see the “old town” and walk in the narrow alleys getting a glimpse of the older parts of Dhaka.

Anna Whitson
Washington (USA)

I was traveling for business and myself and two colleagues wanted to see some architecture and hit the highlights of Dhaka. Obaidul was knowledgeable, professional and most of all fun! He has such a friendly personality and made everything easy. I highly recommend Obaidul. You can’t go wrong.

Piper Hart
British Columbia (Canada)

Obaidul is wonderful and runs a first class operation. I contacted him after my original tour guide canceled on me and within 1 hour he arranged for a great guide by himself. He spoke good English and had a personality. He knew a lot of useful facts about the different neighborhoods. It was great spending the day with him.

Ms. Elfie Freytag
Vienna, Austria

A great tour to the highlights of Bangladesh

A great tour to the Best of Bangladesh. My three American friends and I booked a three-week-tour with Obaidul and we had a very good time. Obaidul speeks fluently English, knows a lot about his country and was always concerned about us. He tried to show us as much as possible within this 18 days – which sometimes was a bit stressful, but we got a good overview of the diversity in this beautiful country.

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