Paddle Steamer Rocket
Amongst the few Paddle Steamers Rocket that exists around the world, Bangladesh has six of them. Popularly known as ‘Rocket Steamers,’ these century-old steamers were used to move the elite around the country. Despite their age, the ships are a safe and economical way to move about Bangladesh. In the past, nearly 800 passengers could be found crowded on board. Now, private air-conditioned sleeping cabins, snack shops, and eateries are available. It has been said these steamers are “ancient relics in a modern world.” Compared to other water transports, the Rocket Steamers’ antiquity can still be felt, seen, and experienced.

Bangladesh Scenic Tours is happy to help secure Rocket Steamer tickets surely. Please check our Tours Menu for more information. Due to its popularity, Rocket Steamers’ cabins fill up quickly. Reservations are required, so please contact us at least one month in advance.

The Rocket Steamer Service has been suspended, so we are not providing this service anymore!

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