Covid-19 Travel Rules of Bangladesh

Latest Covid-19 Travel Rules of Bangladesh – Updated

Read the latest Covid-19 travel rules of Bangladesh. Stay updated with our latest news, according to a circular released by the CAAB.

According to a circular released by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh has issued a circular that’s according to the decision taken in an inter-ministerial meeting chaired by the Foreign Secretary (Senior Secretary) Ambassador Masud Bin Momen, Bangladesh Government has lifted the Covid-19 restrictions from all vaccinated international travelers from all countries.


Can I travel to Bangladesh Now? 

All travelers from countries that have an advance visa and VISA ON ARRIVAL(VOA) are able to travel to Bangladesh today. Also, we have mentioned some of the facts that you must know. So, let’s get to the main section.

The current entry requirements in Bangladesh.

Fully vaccinated international passengers would not need a negative Covid-19 test report to enter Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, unvaccinated passengers can enter Bangladesh if they carry a negative RT-PCR Covid-19 certificate — done 72 hours ahead of departure!

The country groups for the passengers in Bangladesh.

Group A:

Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Palestine, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine

Group B:

All other countries.

Current entry requirements of passengers (please refer to Attachment for the countries in the Group) on all flights:

For the countries below


Immunized by the Covid-19 vaccine, which has taken all doses (single/double dose as needed for the full dose) in the form of the WHO certified vaccine, Covid-19 before 14 days from the date of travel is allowed to enter Bangladesh. They must carry an official certification of their vaccination. Following their arrival, the patient must remain in the state of seven (Seven) consecutive days in strict quarantine at home.

Unvaccinated with the vaccine Covid-19 who have a full dose (single/double doses as needed for an entire dosage) of the vaccine are allowed to travel to Bangladesh subject to the condition they are subject to a minimum of 7 (Seven) seven (Seven) days quarantine in a government recognized establishment or Hotel on their own cost. Testing for RT for PCR takes place after seven days, and the person is permitted to depart the country if the test results are positive.

For the countries below

Group B:

Immunized by the vaccine Covid-19 The traveler who has received each dose (single/double doses as needed for the entire dosage) as a WHO-certified Covid-19 vaccine within 14 days of the date of their travel can enter Bangladesh. They need an official certificate of vaccination. The quarantine requirement is not required at the arrival.

Incompletely vaccinated using Covid-19 vaccine and having a full dose (single/double dose, as is required for the entire dose) of the Covid-19 vaccine can accept admission to Bangladesh with the condition they can endure 14 (Fourteen) 14 days quarantine at home.

Individuals who belong to these countries might be able to travel between the countries in Group A as long as they remain at the airport of transit with the oversight of airlines.

If symptoms of COVID-19 are detected upon arrival: Regardless of the destination and Covid-19 vaccine, if COVID-19 symptoms are found on the arrival of a tourist and they are directed to a Government Authorized Hospital for further test and later put for 7 (Seven) days of isolation in a Government-approved institution and Hotel at their expenses if COVID-19 is detected. Tests for RT for PCR will be performed in the following seven days. The patient will be released when the results of the test are positive.

Passengers who are less than 18 years old aged 18 or less old, who have not been vaccinated, and coming from any country can travel with their family members who have been fully vaccinated and will be required to follow the same medical requirements which apply to family members upon their the day of their arrival.

The need for RT Test to PCR for new passengers All passengers who board the flight, including children younger than 12 years old, must be issued a compulsory RT PCR test, based on COVID-19, as well as a negative certificate. The PCR test must be conducted within 72 hours of the departure on the aircraft. Page 2 of 3.

Restrictions that are enforced by the transit or destination country(s) and those of the Airlines do not have any limitations on passengers traveling to countries belonging to any group from Bangladesh. However, travelers who are either arriving or departing must adhere to the most restrictive or current conditions or restrictions enforced by the destination and transit country(s) or by the Airlines. Airlines accountable for the journey must inform their passengers of Airlines conditions and regulations of formalities for their country of origin and destination country(s) before departure.

Quarantine (institutional/home) procedure for diplomats and the family of members shall be conducted according to the most current guidelines/decisions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh.

Health Services Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh, will decide on the exemption from in-hospital quarantine (institutional/home) procedure for anyone.

The isolation of all homes and institutions will be overseen by the local government and the law enforcement agency(s).

Capacity restrictions for all types of flights:

 (i) Outgoing flights There is no limit on the capacity for narrow-bodied (Single aisle) aircraft. Wide Bodied (Twin aisle) aircraft can accommodate a maximum of 280 people, with only B777 and B747 aircraft, which can accommodate up to 350 passengers. 

(ii) For flights that are inbound, up around 140 travelers in Narrow Bodied (Single aisle) aircraft and up to 80 percent of seats available for passengers on Wide Bodied (Twin aisle) aircraft can be accommodated. 

(iii) Outbound and inbound aircraft: On narrow- and wide-bodied aircraft at a minimum, the last row of business class and one row in Economy class (unless otherwise instructed) cabins are to remain empty for any COVID-19-positive passenger(s). Moreover, all health directives, including disinfection, social distancing, etc., procedures in the airport or on the plane must be carried out following the guidelines issued by CAAB.

This circular will replace the circular under reference and the instructions contained in any other Civil Aviation Circular/Directives/Instructions, to the extent it is relevant, issued by CAAB in this regard.

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