Visa on Arrival in Bangladesh

2022 Visa On Arrival in Bangladesh – fees, rules, eligibility

Bangladesh Now Resumed Visa on Arrival (VOA) after pandemic to the foreigners at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Besides, they are eligible to get the VOA on the land ports as well. Earlier, people had to struggle over getting visas in Bangladesh. And most of the cases, it was tough to have it. But with the commencement of VOA, this is very simple and easy process now.

In this article, we will discuss the visa application process, rules, fees, who are eligible to have the on arrival visa and other relevant factors.

The government of Bangladesh has made it more flexible to get visas for foreign nationals. At times, the foreign national arrives in Bangladesh for different purposes including business, official and pleasure trips. Before the VOA, they had to collect the visa from the local Bangladesh embassies in their respective countries.

Where can you get Visa On Arrival in Bangladesh?

Generally, the VOA is available at the international airports in Bangladesh. Besides, you can have it in the land borders across the country as well.

Visa On Arrival duration

The duration of the visa on arrival is 30 days (maximum). But if you need or want, you can raise the visa duration. In that case, the Department of Immigration Authority will play the necessary roles.

Entry type with Visa On Arrival

The authority provides VOA for a single entry at the international airports. If you need multiple entries, that is not possible with the VOA.

Eligibility to get Visa On Arrival

  • Foreigners of the countries without Bangladesh diplomatic mission. Based on their arrival and justifying their purposes of the trip, they can get VOA.
  • The nationals of the countries where there is no Bangladesh mission can get the VOA. This is not possible for them to apply for the visa earlier due to the absence of the mission.
  • Foreign investors/ businessmen who get an invitation from local business bodies and authorities like BEPZA, Board of investment. Based on the invitation letter, the visitors may get VOA.
  • For official duty, visitors from the USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, China, New Zealand, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, European nations, Bahrain, and Oman can get VOA. But in this case, they have to justify their purpose of visit in Bangladesh. If the authority in the airports and land ports are satisfied with their explanation, they will get the VOA.
  • The foreign citizens of Bangladesh origin, their partners/ spouses, and their children may get the VOA. But they have to provide necessary verification and proof that they were Bangladeshi by origin.
  • Foreign mission staffers, UN agency members or staff are also eligible for the VOA. But the VOA issuing authority must check their identity and after confirmation, they will be issued with the VOA. But the passport holders of the UN will have to pay no fees for the visa. And the remaining all have to pay the required fees.

Requirements for Visa On Arrival in Bangladesh

  • Paying the visa fees in international currency. The currencies include USD, EURO or GBP.
  • The visitors must have USD 500 with them, or at least with their credit card or any other legal transaction mode.
  • You should a return ticket with you, or you cannot get that.
  • Related documents to prove your visit to Bangladesh.
  • Visa fee inapplicable for those countries where the fee is exempted.
  • The visa fee applicable by reciprocity.
  • Relevant intelligence agencies should get visitors’ detailed information and submit it to the home ministry and department of immigration and passports to sort out if there are any inconsistencies.
  • The VOA will be issued right after the applicant satisfies the authorities. But if the visit is for any foreign military official or any group of the defense forces, in that case, it should be informed to the Ministry of Home before their arrival. Prior approval will be applicable in this case.

Visa On Arrival tips for visitors in Bangladesh

You will get some important tips for traveling in Bangladesh using VOA. If you are experienced, you may skip the tips. But if you are visiting Bangladesh for the first time, you can follow them for a comfortable experience.

  • The VOA desk is on your right after entering the immigration hall. You may find some long queues in front of the desk. There is no way to skip the queue. Pay your visa processing fee at the bank booth, get the receipt and fill out the form that the officer will provide.
  • Don’t miss to write your address of residence during this visit to Bangladesh. This might be the subject of verification. Besides, you can also select a reputed hotel for foreigners. You will not need a photo but a phone number to be contacted.
  • You have to pay USD 51 o to obtain the VOA. This is not a big deal. You have to pay using cash and the visa will be valid for the next 30 days.
  • After getting the visa, stand in the queue to cross the immigration and other formalities.

What others say about Visa On Arrival in Bangladesh

We have attached an experience from two foreigners who visited Bangladesh using the visa on arrival facility. Here is Mr. Bob addressing his own experience of Visa on Arrival in English

and another guest Mr. Luis addressing his VOA expeience in Spanish

Visa on arrival was easy and cheap as well. The process was not complex at Dhaka airport. Right after the landing, we moved to a desk where an official asked to show our passport. After showing the British passport, the official gave us a form. We filled that accordingly – included our place of residence.

But we did not have to provide any booking documents. The visa official asked about the duration of our stay in the country, and then he stamped a visa. Later, we took the paper to another desk and paid USD 50.

Then he stamped another paper and told us to go through the passport control. We did so and the entire process took around 15 minutes to complete. By the way, they did not stamp our passports.
I was surprised as there was less crowd on that day. The officials had to issue a visa for only two of us. But I can imagine the scenario if there are loads of people seeking the visa on arrival.

Update: 10 June, 2022

Visa On Arrival facts that you must know

Many of the visitors are confused over a fact about visa on arrival that there is a clause on the eligibility. The theme of the clause is like this – the visitors of the countries where there is Bangladesh’s mission will not get the visa on arrival. Rather, they have to apply to the Bangladesh mission to get the visa before they visit Bangladesh.

So, you have to contact the nearby Bangladesh mission or embassy to get the visa. And the embassy officials will inform you of the other details about the visa on arrival.

This is a confusing issue for many. But the inner message is simple. You will get a visa on arrival only when you cannot manage the visa from your native country where there is no Bangladesh mission to provide you the visa.

But if you are from the listed countries, you can get the visa on arrival easily. You do not need to worry about the fact.

The immigration officials will check your passport, its validity and will ask a few relevant questions. If you can satisfy them (they are always happy to deal with foreign visitors), you will have no problem in having the visa on arrival.

Here is our honorable client’s experience who discusses the visa application process, rules, fees, who are eligible to have the on-arrival visa, and other relevant factors.

Visa On Arrival in Bangladesh – fees, rules, eligibility
Visa On Arrival in Bangladesh Experience in Spanish

Wishing you a great trip to Bangladesh.

Please remember, the situations may get a chance and the government can bring a change in the policy at any time without showing any excuse. So, this article also does not ensure that you will or you must get the visa on arrival.

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