Things to know before travelling to Bangladesh

Things to know before traveling to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful small country full of natural beauties. Every tourist should some things to know before traveling to Bangladesh. This article will help you to know about our beautiful country.

Bangladesh is brief

Bangladesh is a neighbouring country to India and geographically located in Southeast Asia. India surrounds the country from three sides while there is the Bay of Bengal in the southern part of the country.

During the colonial era, there was no existence of Bangladesh like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh were merged. After leaving the sub-continent, the British separated the country into two parts based on religious views. The Hindus settled in the state today named India (also known as Hindustan) while the Muslims settled in Pakistan.

Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan and it was known as East Pakistan. Due to excessive oppression, the people of East Pakistan freed them from the occupation of Pakistan. They fought for nine months in 1971 where three million people sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country.

People of Bangladesh

The population in Bangladesh is around 160 million and thus, this is one of the populated countries. However, the Bangladeshi people are hospitable and cordial to foreign nationals. You will feel at home after visiting the residence of any Bangladeshi.

Language of the locals

‘Bangla’ is the mother tongue of the people in Bangladesh. they can also speak English, French, Hindi, Urdu, German, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.

Some tribal people live in the hilly areas of the country and they have their distinctive languages.

Application of English in Bangladesh

As it is said before, English is widely used in the country. In fact, English is the second language here.

Everyone starts learning English at an early stage in the country.

Religions in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a moderate Muslim country. Over 85 percent of people are Muslims while the rests are Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and other religious followers. Despite being a Muslim country, people are not extremist and peace-loving. You do not have to follow the traditional religious rules and can move comfortably.

Major Bangladeshi cities

Dhaka is the megacity and also the capital of Bangladesh. Over 15 million people live here. Alongside Dhaka, Chattogram is another larger city and commercial hub of the country for its port. The other major cities include Barishal, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Rangpur, among others.

Best tourist attractions

Bangladesh is a naturally wonderful country and has many exciting attractions to explore. Moreover, several UNESCO World Heritage Sites have increased the charm of the county. The largest mangrove forest- Sundarbans is also located here. The sandy beaches of Cox’s Bazar will blow your mind.

Besides the historically important archaeological sites, mosques, temples, steamboats – all will add values to your exploration. If you need, you can also visit some calm and serene places, explore through the tea gardens, take some boat rides, meet with local people, and more other options available here.

Best time to explore Bangladesh

You can get all the things together from September to March every year. The weather is fine, the shiny sky – all are favorable.

Women’s safety in Bangladesh

Safety is ensured here for women, and this is the same for the men as well. But you must follow certain precautions that you need to follow even in your native place.

Is traveling Bangladesh budget-friendly?

If you are tight on your budget, no worries! Bangladesh is not an expensive country. You can rent a room for USD 4 (around BDT 300) for a night while the breakfast and meals are cheaper too. With BDT 40, you can have your breakfast while BDT 150 for your lunch or dinner.

But for a luxury stay in Bangladesh, you can explore the options of star-rated hotels too.

Tour organizers

Bangladesh Scenic Tours organize different types of tours. So, for your next trip to Bangladesh, you can reach them. This is an award winner in Bangladesh, and its reputed too. The tour packages are available here:

Bangladesh tour packages – Tour package for 1 – 7 days

Holiday package – 1 -28 days (begins from your arrival and lasts till the departure)

Souvenirs from Bangladesh?

  • Naksi Kantha – a traditional sheet that will protect you from cold. The sheet is crafted by hand-weaving. The designs are colorful too. You can get them in different places, especially the Aarong outlets.
  • Different replica including boat, rickshaw, and many more
  • Rickshaw paintings– they are not too heavy and you will see them behind the rickshaws those ply on the streets of the country.

Entry and visa issues

How to get a Bangladeshi visa?

These two methods of getting a visa in Bangladesh. Either you can get it from the embassies, or missions working in your respective country. Or you can have it right after your arrival in Dhaka or other large cities.

Generally, the Europeans, Russians, Canadians, Australian, and visitors from New Zealand, and other neighboring states can get the visa on arrival.

The visa on arrival fee is USD 51 and you can have it from the airports. A separate booth is providing the visas relentlessly round the week (24/ 7). But the visa duration is for four weeks.

Please remember, the visa on arrival is now available in Dhaka, Sylhet, Chattogram and Benapole land port only.

For more information for a visa on arrival, you can check here.

Any bar on entry/ exit route change?

No, there are no such bars. Earlier, there was a law but that is not effective now. You can enter or exit using the land port or by the airport.

How to get a Bangladeshi visa from Kathmandu?

This is a simple process. You have to visit the local embassy of Bangladesh in your area. Make sure you have the following documents.

  • Visa application form, filled in duly. You can get a visa application form from the website of the embassy.
  • Passport photocopy
  • A photograph

The authorities will take a short interview and then you have to deposit the required amount of visa application fee. You can get the necessary information there about the updated application fees.

After completing all the necessary procedures, the embassy authorities will ask you to collect your visa at a later time if there are no complexities.

Transportation modes in Bangladesh

The existing train networks cover the majority of the large cities while there are some luxurious bus routes too. The buses run among different large and small cities in the country. You can also find ferry services.

The number of domestic flights is moderate and you can fly in the big cities like Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Syedpur, Sylhet, among others.
Further, for your comfortable trip, you can rent cars from car rental companies. If you need some good cars, check here.

Number of domestic flights

Around 4 – 4 domestic flights are operating every day from Dhaka to Chattogram. Usually, an airline operates one or two flights a day.
For the schedule of the airlines, you can check here.

Besides, you can also check the fares from the airlines’ respective websites. The key operators are:

  • Bangladesh Airlines
  • Novo Air
  • US Bangla Airlines

Infrastructure in Bangladesh


The country has an extensive network of mobile phone operators. At present, there are five mobile phone operators providing their services with a cheaper call rate. The 4G service is also available in the larger cities of Bangladesh while the rest of other places are under 3G coverage.

GrameenPhone has the strongest network among the operators.

How to get a SIM Card?

To get a SIM card, you have to visit any customer care of the respective service provider. You need to use your passport and photo. The rest is simple. Fill in the form and you will have your SIM card. The SIM card price may vary but you will get some additional offers for talk-time and internet package.

So, the price would not bother you. Besides, you can get a micro SIM and mini SIM cards as well to fit your mobile phone.

Internet facilities in Bangladesh?

The Internet is accessible from anywhere in the country due to mobile networks. Alongside the mobile data, you can also have high-speed wired internet. But those are available in the larger cities. Moreover, you will get free Wi-Fi in large hotels.

Working hour

Usually, a working day starts at 9.00 am and ends at 5.00 pm. But the schedule differs based on the organization. Some of the emergency services are always open regardless of holidays.

The shopping malls remain open from 10 in the morning till 8.00 in the evening.


Currency in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi currency is locally known as Taka (BDT). The exchange rate of USD is more than taka. One USD is equivalent to around BDT 80.

Money exchanges

For the convenience of foreign nationals, there are a number of money exchanges available. You can change your money into Bangladesh Taka easily.

ATM Machines in Bangladesh

The use of ATM machines is widespread in Bangladesh. Even, you can find them in international airports in the country where you can have transactions using local and international debit and credit cards.

Thanks for reading the article in the end. You can contact us for any necessary information. You can also see our Sundarban Safari, Best of Bangladesh, and Discover Bangladesh tour packages if you want. These are the best.

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