places to visit in Bangladesh

13 Best places to visit in Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh. It is a land of beauty and heritage. There are so many places to be enjoyed here. In this article, you get 13 best places to visit in Bangladesh.

Wondering to check the best places to visit in Bangladesh?

Bordering with India and Myanmar, Bangladesh is one of the most wonderful countries in the world. But according to a World Bank report, this is placed on one of the least tourist destinations. It happened as the tourism facilities are not up to the mark here.

However, despite all the negative aspects, there are lots of things to see and explore. There are no tourism scams, people are friendly and the spots are heavenly. Besides, people of the rural areas are also curious about the tourists and welcome them from their hearts.

The tourist spots are not that much busy in handling the global and local tourists. But a remarkable number of people annually visit the spots. Luckily, the number of tourists is on the rise here.

So, if you want to explore Bangladesh, this is a great option for you. We have gathered 13 must places to visit in Bangladesh. They are tourist-friendly and provides almost all sorts of facilities to the visitors.

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Where to visit in Bangladesh

It is always tough to create a list as all of them are attractive and lovely. It was hard to make the list. Frankly speaking, it was a great trouble to discard the places from the list. After visiting the country, you can share your experience at the comment box.

We can make some friendly debates over the issue. Besides, you can also provide your valued recommendations to make the places better than before. Lets see the wonderful places to visit in Bangladesh.

places to visit in Bangladesh
Deer in Sundarbans. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul Haque

1. Sundarbans – the largest Mangrove Forest

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest mangrove forest on this planet are Sundarbans. The forest is on the borderline of Bangladesh and India but Bangladesh owns the largest part of this mangrove. Sundarbans is the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Besides, there are lots of other wild animals are available here too.

The environment of the forest is amazing. You will have a special experience after visiting Sundarbans. Honestly, it would be a lifetime experience for you if you visit the forest. The surrounding environment, wildlife, nature – all are breathtaking.
So, this is on the top of the list.

We arrange a trip to Sundarbans with a maximum of six people and you can check out the Sundarbans small group tour here. The trip would remain in your memory for a long time.

Besides, you may also check – Top things to do in Sundarbans.

places to visit in bangladesh
A tribal family at Chittagong Hill-Tracts area. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul

2. Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT)

Chittagong Hill Tracts (also known as CHT) is made with wonderful hills and natural outlook. A notable number of tribal people live in the areas. If you love adventure, this is the right place for you.

Trekking deep inside the CHT for a couple of days will provide you an amazing taste. But we need to get permission from the local authority prior to the trekking for different reasons.

Meeting the tribal, exploring their life and living, visiting the Sangu River – the most beautiful river of the country – will be a memorable event in your life. The boat ride on the river during monsoon is also adorable.

We have placed CHT on the second position considering all the grounds.

You can check our Cox’s Bazar and Chattogram trip package here if you want to visit the CHT.

places to visit in Bangladesh
Tea plantations of Srimangal. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul Haque

3. Sreemangal Upazila

If you want to see the tea capital of the country, you must visit Sreemangal Upazila of Sylhet District. The spot is in the north-east part of Bangladesh.

A wide range of lush green tea gardens will blow your mind. You will be surrounded by tea plants during the visit. The environment is serene and wonderful.

There is a provision of cycling through the tea plantations and it can render you joy and amusement.

Alongside the tea plantations, you can visit the Lawachhara National Park. Trekking towards the Hamham waterfalls is another thrilling activity here.

If you want to spend a couple of days in the lap of nature, this is the right place for you. So, we have placed it in the third position of the ladder while visiting the country.

To get the best experience and know the details of the trip, you can check our Sreemangal and Sylhet trip packages here.

places to visit in Bangladesh
Beautiful Kaptai Lake

4. Rangamati

Rangamati is located in a part of the vast CHT. Kaptai lake is the key attraction here. Surrounded by beautiful hills, this is a lake that was made by humans long ago to increase the natural beauties.

Riding boat for an entire day on the lake would be the most memorable experience for you. Besides, you can also meet some of the tribal people living in the spot.

They have their own products and sell those on the handicraft market. You can collect some of the best handmade fabrics.

The Buddhist monastery named as Rajban Bihara is another attraction of Rangamati.

Based on all the grounds, we have placed it in the fourth position.

You can check our Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar tour packages here. It will provide you with detailed information about visiting Rangamati and other related activities there like riding a boat in Kaptai Lake, among others.

places to visit in Bangladesh, Somapuri Mahabhihara, Paharpur
Somapuri Mahabhihara in Paharpur. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul

5. Paharpur

Somapuri Mahabhihara is an impressive tourist site and the other UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bangladesh and it is located in Paharpur. Paharpur is located in the north-western part of the country and smaller in size and shape.

During the 8th century, this monastery was the second in the position of shape and size in the south region of Himalayas. The place was used for learning and monks from around the globe visited the place.

In fact, it was one of the best monasteries for Buddhists in the world. So, we have placed the location on the fifth position considering its archaeological values.

You will find our archaeological tour packages here. It will inform you of the necessary information about this particular archaeological site.

places to visit in Bangladesh
St. Martin’s Island beach. ©Photo Credit: Wikipedia

6. St. Martin’s Island

If you are hungry to enjoy a holiday on a coral island, St. Martin’s Island is the best place for you. This coral island is located at the Bay of Bengal. The place is always occupied with local and global beach lovers.

But this is better for a day trip. And most of the locals come here to spend a day or two. The island turns quiet once the visitors leave the area.

There are numerous resorts and private beaches available on the island. You can stay at any one of them and enjoy nature for the next couple of days. This is the perfect place for relaxation after visiting other places in Bangladesh.

Staying in a resort that has a private beach would be the best solution for your relaxation.

Based on all the features, we have placed St. Martin’s Island on the sixth position of this list. If you are a sea lover then it is the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

You can check the Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar tour packages before visiting this wonderful island of Bangladesh.

places to visit in Bangladesh
Chhoto Sona Masjid (Small Golden Mosque) in Gaur. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul

7. Gaur

There were many historic cities in Bangladesh and Gaur is one of them. This is a ruined city now that was once a significant city during the medieval period. The city is also located on the border between Bangladesh and India.

The city passed its golden days between the 12th and 14th centuries. Once it was the capital of the then Bengal. And of course, the city was wealthy during the ancient days.

Unluckily, due to the outbreak of cholera, people left the city and never returned. However, some of the ancient relics are still visible here in Gaur and there are some mango orchards that are also available.

The restoration and renovation work from the Bangladesh Archaeological department has brought back the beauty of the city. They undertook a renovation to some of the mosques.

If you have an interest in history and love to explore the ancient relics, this is the best place for you. So, we have positioned it on the seventh place of the must visiting list.

You can get details of archaeological tour packages here if you wish to explore Gaur – the ancient city.

places to visit in bangladesh
Collecting sand from the river bed in Jaflong. ©Photo Credit: Dristy

8. Sylhet

In a single word, this is not possible to describe Sylhet. This is a place of natural beauty. It is located in the north-eastern part of the country. Besides, the district is nearby to the Indian district of Meghalaya.

The district offers some scenic beauties and nice views to the visitors. It has a green-water canal named Lalakhal. Besides, the stone collection zone of Jaflong is the other attraction. The Ratargul swamp forest will blow your mind.

And of course, the tea gardens are the other attraction of the district. While meeting with the tribal people, you can know about their life and living. Most of them are known as Khasia and they mostly grow betel leaves in the places where they live and inside the forest.

Based on all the aspects, Sylhet is on the eighth position of the ladder.

You can get detail information about Sylhet and Srimangal tour packages here. Then select what you need and where you want to visit.

places to visit in Bangladesh
Floating market at Barisal. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul Haque

9. Barishal

Bangladesh is a riverine country and you will have the feel during your trip to Barishal. Have you heard the name of Ganges Delta? Well, Barishal is located in the center of the Ganges Delta.

The life and living of the local people is the key attraction of visiting Barishal. While visiting the district, you will find many floating markets, schools, villages, market places and more other things. All the elements make the culture of the region.

But when you are in monsoon in Barishal, you can experience the real beauty. The water bodies are in full bloom and the nature turns green. You can also get some guavas from the floating guava markets.
Remember, you can also capture some of the best shots of your life from here.

So, we have placed Barishal on the ninth position of must visiting list in Bangladesh.

Find the Barisal Backwater Tour package here. And book your desired package.

places to visit in Bangladesh
Gobinda Temple in Puthia. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul Haque

10. Puthia

Filled with wonderful Hindu temples, this tiny rural spot is located in Rajshahi. In fact, Puthia holds the largest number of temples in the country and they are well-maintained as well.

Alongside the unique design, you will find the application of wonderful terracotta in the temples. Different Hindu stories are inscribed on the terracotta plaques.

So, based on historical importance, we have listed it in the tenth position.

Find the archaeological tour packages here and do not miss the chance of visiting Puthia, also known as the temple village.

places to visit in Bangladesh
Shat Gambuj Mosque. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul Haque

11. Bagerhat – the Mosque City

Earlier known as Khalifatabad, A Turkish general and preacher founded Bagerhat in the 15th century. The city is famous for its mosques, especially the sixty-dome mosque. And this is a globally famous mosque too.

The entire city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the 15 lost cities of the world.

The city has over 50 monuments related to Islamic structure. They have been discovered recently and remained hidden several centuries.

This is on the eleventh position of our must-visit list. You can get a Rocket Steamer Tour while preparing to visit Bagerhat.

places to visit in Bangladesh
A private beach at Cox’s Bazar. ©Photo Credit: Mermaid Resort

12. Cox’s Bazar

Enjoying the breeze on the longest sandy sea beach is not a matter of luck now. You can easily have it in Cox’s Bazar. This is the longest sea beach in the globe and its length is 125 kilometers.

Moreover, this is the most famous tourist spot in the country among the locals. In line with the locals, a significant number of foreign nationals also visit the beach to enjoy the natural beauty.

Since the place is always crowded, you may select a resort that owns a private beach. It will help to get rid of the crowds and enjoy the beach, wave, and the sea.

Besides, you can pay a visit to the local fish market and check the fishing process. They have different types of fishes including the dry fishes.

Thereby, we have placed it in the twelfth position. If you are a beach lover then it is the best places to visit in Bangladesh. You can get more information about the Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar tour packages here.

places to visit in Bangladesh
Abandoned city Panam Nagar in Sonargaon. ©Photo Credit: Obaidul Haque

13. Sonargaon

In line with Gaur, Sonargaon was the capital of Bengal. It was in the medieval period when the region passed its golden days. Though the glory is lost, the shadow remains.

You will find some lost relics and heritage here. Moreover, there are a few interesting places which will blow your mind. If you love photography, nothing could be perfect than this.

Visitors crowd here for the Panam Nagar. Panam Nagar is an ancient merchant city and now is abandoned. Once it was the place of wealthy Hindu merchants.

But they left this city during religious riots in the area after 1947. The year is also known as the partition year when India and Pakistan were divided into two separate states based on religious beliefs.

However, the merchants had the intention to return but they did not.

At present, there are 52 houses available on a single row.

The Folk Arts and Crafts Museum and the Goladi mosque are the other attractions of Sonargaon. You will find your day filled with joy after visiting this place.

Find your Old Capital Tour here and book accordingly to pay a visit to Sonargaon.

Finally, 13 best places to visit in Bangladesh list is finished. We hope you enjoyed the list of the best 13 places to visit in Bangladesh. If you have any questions about this article please comment or contact us.

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